First Impression: Christian Louboutin Beauté Fragrances

Writer Stephanie Shiu | November 1, 2016

The Promise:

No one knows women better than iconic shoe designer Christian Louboutin, and his most recent beauty offerings are testament to this. The fragrance launch is his way of equipping women with tools of self-expression. His wish is for the fragrances to be experienced in the same way a piano note is played, the first note followed by the lingering echo of its sound.

What to Expect:

The three scents are inspired by three muses, all disctinct in character. Bikini Questa Sera is intimate and compelling, who savours the sun on her skin, with jasmine and tuberose the stars of the show. Tornade Blonde can be described as the ‘scent of desire’, her love of adventure and energy conveyed through red rose, violet and cassis. Trouble in Heaven represents the provocative woman who turns heads, her mystery showcased through iris, patchouli, tonka absolut and oriental amber.


Designed as objet d’art, the glass of each bottle is wrapped in a way that captures light and plays with transparency. Louboutin collaborated with architectural firm Heatherwick Studio to create the series of innovative vials, which incorporate a central aperture forming the loop of the fragrance, to allow the liquid to flow freely, giving it movement and life. The Bikini Questa Sera bottle is amber and warm gold to reflect the colours of an Egyptian sunset, while the garnet and light gold ombré Tornade Blonde conveys daring enhchantment and Trouble in Heaven’s royal purple is reminciscnet of iris, which is at the heart of the fragrance.   

Put to the Test:

The idea that our fragrance preferences depend on weather, season and mood makes this trio of scents ideal year round, and particularly good for the indecisive. They are different enough that one scent is bound to suit at any given moment and you may find that an edited collection like this will make this your go-to as you’re heading out the door.

Wear Time:

Depends on the formula. The oil tends to last the longest, but as there’s no alcohol, it remains concentrated where it’s applied, so only those who come very close will be able to catch a whiff, unlike eau de toilettes, which are more volatile. Overall they are subtle, with the idea that the wearer forms an intimate attachment to the perfume remaining close to the skin.

Best for:

Bikini Questa Sera will appeal to those who like a light, fresh fragrance, its top notes of paradisone and green nectars much like a day at the beach – and our personal favourite. Tornade Blonde will suit who those favour feminine, floral scents, with mid notes of Bulgarian rose, orange blossom and gardenia. Trouble in Heaven’s sensual muskiness from amber and patchouli makes it perfect for a night out on the town.

Final Verdict:

As with everything Louboutin, these fragrances are a splurge. But considering the innovation, design and quality behind the olfactory debut, they are a special treat – not to mention we received compliments almost immediately after spritzing Tornade Blonde.