Back to Nature

Writer Frances Frangenheim | August 9, 2013

How often do you kick off your shoes and walk barefoot on grass? Do you visit the ocean and let wet sand squelch through your toes? Do you ever truly switch off from your digital devices? These simple daily practices help ground and connect us with the earth and boost our health in a myriad of ways. Known as ‘earthing’, this barefoot practice is one of the newest trends in the well-being industry and also one of the most accessible. And together with ‘mindfulness massage’, another trend that is gaining popularity, spas and resorts are exploring the power of reconnecting with oneself and the earth to achieve optimum healing and relaxation.


Earthing is the act of reconnecting with the earth; of grounding ourselves; of letting our skin come into direct contact with the earth. Barefoot walking and spending time in nature are two simple ways to achieve earthing. Various studies also suggest there is merit to placing earthing mats under your bed and computer to work as conductive systems that enable the earth’s flow of electrons to ground you while you sleep or work.

Earthing is being embraced in the spa and wellness industry as new studies reveal its powerful wellness potential to boost the body’s immune system and circulation, synchronize biorhythms and relax muscle tension. It is found to be a particularly powerful elixir for reducing inflammation, which is one of the major causes of chronic disease and a serious issue for people suffering autoimmune diseases. It can also help soothe temporary ills such as jet lag, insomnia and hormonal imbalances.

Earthing works by enabling the earth’s natural electrons to act as a negative charge that helps stabilise our body’s build-up of positive electrons (also known as free radicals). The earth’s electrons act like antioxidants for our body and generate a powerful and positive shift in the electrical state of the body. This restores natural self-healing and self-regulating mechanisms.

With mindfulness massage, as with regular mindfulness meditation, people can learn to become less anxious, happier and more focused