Embarking on The Legacy Retreat

Writer Johannes Pong | December 2, 2013

It’s an inward journey to rediscover and reconnect with your true self – a pilgrimage to mindfulness. The most valuable investment and true luxury you can have in this day and age is, after all, the living legacy to yourself and your loved ones, by going through an intense transformative process of epic proportions.

I usually review resorts and restaurants, not retreats. Upon reading The Legacy Retreat’s website, I was immediately intrigued by the programme and the multidisciplinary credentials of the staff. I also really liked their line: “Bring your crisp consciousness to the present.”

Plus, this time it was held at The Nam Hai, a gorgeous five-star resort situated in Central Vietnam, near the town of Hoi An, a UNESCO World Heritage Site I’d always wanted to visit. They had just completed one in the magical mountains of Paro, Bhutan, and the next Legacy edition will be at the eco-retreat Alila Villas Soori on the island of the gods, Bali, in November. Before embarking on the trip, I attended a media luncheon and met the effervescent founders of The Legacy Retreat, Mark and Crystal Leahy, as well as one of their fabulous facilitators, the magnetic Jutka Freiman. “Well, I’m in your hands now,” I remarked. “No. You’re in your own hands now,” Jutka replied.

We are not role-playing; we’re listening to our bodies and observing whatever emotions arise