Dream a Little Dream

Writer Vivienne Tang | January 5, 2015

Dream analysis is a key component in understanding our unconscious mind and discovering our infinite potential. Find out the steps you can take towards uncovering the meaning of your dreams.


A window to our soul and our inner wisdom, dreams represent the communication between the conscious and the unconscious mind, perhaps a bridge that allows movement back and forth between what we think we know and what we really know. And even though dreaming appears to be trivial for the body’s survival, the activity is of highest importance for our self-development, and its analysis even more so.

“Analysing and then acting on our dreams can affect our reality a tremendous amount – more than most people would guess,” says dream analyst, author and researcher Craig Sim Webb. “On one level, it depends on how much importance the dreamer gives their dreams in regards to cultivating them and harvesting the resulting gifts. However, dreams also transform into thoughts or impulses during the day that we may not associate to the dream directly, but which still affect our choices and hence the physical world. Many of the greatest inventions, books, songs, movies, corporations, etc are inspired directly by dreams, and so a single dream can even affect a great deal of people, but more often they come to help us solve problems, heal, learn, expand spiritually and express our unique talents creatively.”

Dreaming can be like communicating with our unconscious mind as well as our full potential, and it’s up to us to figure out what the message means. Personal development trainer and spiritual coach Mark Karlsson says: “Carl Jung said that not looking at your dreams is like getting a very important letter and never opening it.

“The challenge is in understanding the symbols and language that come from the unconscious in the form of our dreams, for rarely are they literal. It is said that it takes 13 billion brain cells to initiate a dream, so your psyche is going to a lot of trouble to give you a very important message via the dream.”

To learn more about dreams and their potential benefits is like growing a friendship with...our own deeper self
~ Craig Sim Webb