Kathryn Moore

Writer Véronique Lo | February 26, 2015

“I’d always been into all things beauty and was intrigued by the overseas spa industry…the beauty world essentially won me over,” says Kathryn Moore, who began her exploration in the world of spa in 2004 after finishing an advanced diploma in beauty therapy.

Moore, who started out running restaurants and nightclubs in Australia, was no novice to business development and management. Soon after she’d completed her diploma, she took up managerial positions in spas at international brands such as Hilton, and eventually joined MSPA International, which is a subsidiary of Minor International and boasts brands like Anantara, Mandara and Aequalis, in 2009.

Beginning as Spa Director for Anantara and Mandara Spas in Hua Hin, Moore gradually worked her way up to running MSPA, moving from International Project Manager to Director of Operations for the corporate office, and today she is the Group Director of Spa in Asia.

Over the years, she’s witnessed how the group has grown just as the industry has evolved. “I have seen a massive growth in the number of spas and salons globally and of course, the consumer’s understanding of the industry…When I started, Minor Hotel Group had nine hotels and MSPA had 35 spas. Today, six years later, we have 129 hotels and 60 spas,” she recalls. “That is such growth and I’ve been a part of it.”

Looking back, Moore admits that it hasn’t always been easy. But not one to give up in the face of obstacles, she’s always chosen to look for solutions rather than running away from them. “I never give up and I continually take on new challenges,” she says. “I honestly had very little financial acumen when I started running MSPA. I have had to improve my knowledge over the last four years…I asked questions constantly and practised, practised, practised.”

To me, the ideal spa experience is one that is completely tailored to my needs
~ Kathryn Moore