World’s Top 10 Eco-Spas

Writer | July 2, 2013

On sacred grounds above Agung River in Ubud’s rain-forested hills, Bali’s Fivelements comes deeply rooted in Balinese traditions; encouraging harmony with spirit, nature and one another. Designed with eco-conscious principles, this luxe-rustic wellness retreat nurtures with ancient rituals, holistic integrated healing practices, sacred arts and raw vegan living foods. Environmental respect, minimal impact and sustainability lifestyle are integral, while supporting village waste management, tree planting and local organic farmers add to its sustainable energy-efficiency use.

Rainwater is stored and utilised for irrigation and Fivelements’ entire site is built using primarily renewable materials, mainly bamboo. Freshly-prepared, all-natural ingredients – including organic plant-based, wild extracts – for Bidadari Beauty Sanctuary’s age-old remedies are laboratory-prepared. Signature treatments include the holistic Fivelements Sakti Ritual, and customised healing rituals are administered by native traditional healers drawing on ancient wisdom in thatched, river-hugging huts. The Fivelements Panca Mahabhuta Retreat powerfully balances the body’s five elements and cleans out unhealthy energy, as wellness retreats allow organic healing to naturally unfold.

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