Running on Empty?

It used to be those with active lifestyles couldn’t envision sustaining a meat-free diet. So how come some of the most capable athletes are now picking plant over protein?
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Baking with cranberries

Party Favour

The festive season is upon us. How in the world do you keep healthy and still have fun?
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macrobiotic food

Top 10 Healthy Diets

Lose unwanted kilos, get fit and stay healthy! For many of us, it’s the Holy Grail and we make it our lifelong mission. With a myriad of fad diets...
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Organic White Almond Milk

Milking It

There’s a new kid in town, poised to eclipse the celebrated green juice: plant milk is enjoying some well-deserved time in the spotlight
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Paleolithic Diet Ingredients on a Plate on Stone

A Paleo Adventure

Also known as the caveman diet, the Paleo diet is an eating trend that rules out all junk food, grains, dairy etc – but is it worth the hype?...
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Nurturing Your Gut Flora

Our body has over 100 trillion bacteria in the gut to keep us healthy. Learn how to balance the bacteria with the help of fermented foods and beverages to...
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