A Bespoke Touch

Writer Véronique Lo | July 4, 2016

Levitate, a two-storey day spa opened last winter, is a hidden sanctuary designed for the whole family in Hong Kong’s south side. Offering the luxurious comfort of a high-end wellness centre, the spa boasts six elegant treatment rooms, with a range of face and body therapies using Aromatherapy Associates and Organic Pharmacy products customised to each guest’s needs.

The Deal:

I’m booked in for the 90-minute Levitate Signature Aromatherapy AA treatment. While the 60-minute version only includes a body massage, this longer option allows for more flexibility; it’s possible to combine a facial and a body treatment of your choice, such as a scrub or massage. Since I’ve been suffering from fatigue and muscle pain recently, my therapist Namo suggests I have a massage for the entire journey.

The Lowdown:

Like many spa treatments my journey begins with a simple questionnaire about my general health and mood – something that has turned into nothing more than a formality it seems. But soon I realise my answers are taken very seriously here as Namo asks me multiple follow-up questions, before examining me more closely while I lie in the warm treatment bed.

Originally from Thailand, Namo has nearly two decades of experience in massage therapy. She decides that a light massage won’t be enough today, and picks two invigorating blends by Aromatherapy Associates called Revive Morning and De-Stress. The former, which is recommended for use before 3pm, is great for detox and to refresh. De-Stress, on the other hand, is said to boost circulation and help ease muscular tightness and soreness as well as stiff joints.

Just as she has promised, Namo doesn’t go light on me at all; but she always warns me and apologises in advance before exerting deeper pressure on a particularly painful point, assuring me that I will feel better afterwards. During the treatment, she notices the sides of my torso and legs, especially around my right knee, are swelling from water retention, so she adds lymphatic drainage to the mix of techniques used, such as Thai, stretching and acupressure.

At the end of the treatment, with my eyes still covered she asks me to take a few deep breaths. I smell eucalyptus and peppermint, a soothing yet refreshing scent of Aromatherapy Associates’ Support Breathe Essence that eases my breathing and fully awakens me.

The Benefits:

Immediately after the treatment I felt lighter and thoroughly energised. The stiffness in my joints, specifically my shoulders and knees, evaporated. I remained in a refreshed state for the rest of the day and had the best night’s sleep in a while.   

The Verdict:

This highly bespoke journey aims at improving one’s overall well-being by pinpointing individual needs. Taking personalisation to the next level, the skilled therapist selects products and techniques most suitable for the guest, making necessary adjustments during the treatment when observing new concerns. Namo even taught me a simple exercise to practise every morning, which should help with my stiffness and spinal concerns.


Immediately after the treatment I felt lighter and thoroughly energised