Inward Journey

Writer Stephanie Shiu | May 5, 2017

The beauty of Fusion Maia Da Nang is doing exactly as you please, which isn’t always the case on holiday. It’s one of the few resorts where breakfast can be savoured any time, anywhere – none of the usual time constraints so that you put the real world on hold. No one thinks twice about sitting down to eggs at 3pm, refreshing to see structure turned on its head. The idea is to swap routine for flexibility, making the getaway truly your own.

Unwinding still requires a bit of planning though, left in the hands of your ‘fusionista’ who customises your stay, creates experiences in line with your preferences and shares tips on what to see and do in the area. We are lucky to have Emilie, spa and wellness director of Fusion Maia Da Nang, as our personal guide, and leave everything in her capable hands.

For a little extra TLC, there’s an option to pay extra for the Fusion Feeling upgrade which gives you access to the wellness lounge, where daily teas, infused water and afternoon tea are served exclusively. The shaded haven above the spa features a selection of books dedicated to the pursuit of wellness, along with natural ingredients for guests to make their own scrub. It’s also ideal for curling up with a book as you are likely to have the space to yourself.

Within the Bubble

The all-pool villa design makes it incredibly tempting to remain in the cocoon of the resort, and daily complimentary activities from the Natural Living Progam promise plenty of ways to spend the time. Designed to reflect the seven chakras, each day of the week is themed with an intent, be it environmental, intellectual or spiritual with relevant breathing, yoga, fitness and seminar topics offered around this.

Food is worth making time for. Fiving Dining Room is great for breakfast, the only venue offering both a buffet and a la carte, and the one to choose should you prefer a more formal dinner with both local and international offerings, such as the deconstructed spring roll whipped up tableside. For ambience, poolside spot Fresh is our pick with its breezy vibe and innovative healthy fare. Favourites include turmeric fish with dill and rice noodles, and cauliflower ‘pizza’ with chorizo and goat cheese.

The little touches make a difference thanks to detail-oriented Emilie who plans a Private Sunrise Mandala Ritual session on the beach. While initially dubious about the 5am start, I was so glad to have caught the sunrise, stealing a glimpse of the paling moon vying for the same sky during a backbend. The sight of a water-coloured horizon coming alive over the ocean was spectacular enough, only to be topped by a decadent breakfast spread devoured with toes in the sand. She also treats us to an indulgent in-villa Vietnamese style afternoon tea presented on a floating tray as we laze around poolside.

Should you feel the need to venture off site, a complimentary shuttle runs guests into Hoi An, bustling with cafés, restaurants, bars and a night market. With wellness our focus though, Emilie organises a visit to Marble Mountain, a cluster of marble and limestone hills which are home to pagodas, caves and steep stone steps leading to lovely vistas. We enjoy a private tai chi class amidst the serenity, learning 18 basic moves to calm the nervous system. Despite catching the attention of tourists, our slow deliberate movements allow us to tune out their gaze and focus purely on the breath.

The idea is to swap routine for flexibility, making the getaway truly your own