Sole Motivation

Writer Emily McCabe | September 6, 2017


Attributing success to a clear vision from the beginning, Osorio says, “I had already imagined what the interiors of my stores would look like. I had designed all of the details, the shopping bags, everything. I really believe you can make anything happen if you are clear with your vision from the beginning and you work hard enough.” His flagship store interior oozes seductive allure, and an authentic reflection of his lifestyle, with a plush restoration of the 17th-century ceiling frescoes, opulent velvet furnishings and monochromatic marble.

“I want my customer to feel as though they are sitting in my living room. A lot of young designers today are missing that,” says Osorio. His admiration for the most noteworthy fashion houses echoes the experience he hopes to offer. “In terms of vision, achievement and aesthetic created, I have always admired Valentino, Tom Ford and Ralph Lauren. They created a world. To be successful in fashion, it can’t just be about the product – people need to imagine a lifestyle, a story”.

A voracious traveller to exotic destinations for nine months of the year, Osorio is always in search of inspiration. When it comes to designing a collection, he doesn’t follow a particular process, but they usually tend to evolve from one of his trips. He says, “It’s really up to you when you are the only designer and I work very organically. For me it’s always about a feeling.”

An eclectic mix of locales spark Osorio’s interest. He says, “I recently rediscovered LA, there are so many hidden gems there. Istanbul is the most fascinating city. And after spending a lot of time in India, I think it is one of my favourite places to visit. I love to mix cultural influences.” His new collection is inspired by the latter, featuring elaborate decoration, intricate details and fine workmanship. “The fabric and colours were incredible, I just couldn’t get enough,” he says of his exploration into embroidery and embellishments.

Since its 2011 launch, Aquazzura has evolved to become an esteemed and influential force, coveted by fashion insiders internationally from European royalty to Hollywood celebrities like Julianne Moore, Jennifer Lawrence, Gwyneth Paltrow and Nicole Kidman. To keep on top of his game, Osorio highlights the importance of keeping moving. He says, “I have to travel, I have to explore, I need to see. As a designer you should be aware of what is happening, to give people what they want before they want it. I need to be aware of what’s going on in the art world, in architecture, in music and in politics. Fashion is a reflection of our time, our culture.”

If you don’t have the artisan to translate your dreams into reality, then you have nothing
~ Edgardo Osorio