Wellness Wonders of Melbourne

Writer Daniel Scheffler | September 7, 2017

Here it’s all street art, the freshest farm-to-table fare, handcrafted beverages, yet efficiency in the things that matter. Sydney may attract the tourists, and the outback appeals for its beauty, but Australia’s second largest city has a homegrown attitude that is refreshing for even the most seasoned travellers.

Melbourne has always been Australia’s cultural hub, and with that locals have increasingly considered wellness as part of their daily lives, setting the trend not only regionally but with a knock-on effect as far reaching as New York. For Melburnians, the nearly year-round fine weather allows easy access to all that goodness. And it shows.

From beautiful beaches to sunshine and lush greenery, the locals value healthy living and actively pursue it, another reason people from all over the continent come to find their piece of wellness. Melbourne by its very nature is chilled, and has a reputation for offering the best in rejuvenation and revitalisation in the country. Whether you’re looking for a day spa, quick massage, healthy smoothie or just somewhere to linger longer, this little area of the world has plenty of that and more.

A new spa, yoga studio, juice bar or healthy restaurant opens a few times a month, according to the Melbourne Visitor’s Center, as surfers, latte-swirlers and artistic folk need dedicated chill time. So explore the city’s finest establishments, or take a long weekend in Yarra Valley where a few days (or a week) of devoted wellness can be your saviour.


Chuan Spa at The Langham, Melbourne

Ideal after a long-haul flight, Chuan Spa at The Langham, Melbourne built its reputation on a place for seeking spiritual and physical harmony. Here the concept is that well-being and vitality are enhanced through the nurturing of the three treasures which everyone possesses: jing, our life force; qi, our vital energy and shen, our mind and spirit. Their methodology is simple: to balance the elements of metal, fire, wood, water and air. Treatments, and their evangelists, at the spa take this seriously. The Tao of Detox treatment provides a full-body exfoliation (to stimulate blood and lymph circulation) and a wrap comprising marine algae and aromatherapy oils. As if that isn’t enough, next an acupressure massage and facial takes you to a new level of refresh. Immerse yourself in the treatment with heightened awareness by sitting quietly and meditating.


Park Club Health & Day Spa at Park Hyatt Melbourne

The Park Club Health & Day Spa philosophy is ‘inner health leads to outer beauty’. Their spa treatments, rituals and lifestyle recommendations are based on the four cornerstones of wellness; sound nutrition, regular exercise, peace of mind and care of the face and body. The spa serves as a sanctuary for guests to build their own beauty both externally and within. Also a lifestyle learning centre, the spa retreat features a dedicated spa menu, and fitness studio with trainers who ensure guests take the knowledge home. There is also an infinity pool and treatment rooms where only natural products are used.


Onsen Ma

This Japanese bathhouse is named after the word for space in Japanese ma. Take the opportunity to relax and unwind in a traditional-style bathhouse, a time-honoured ritual considered calming for physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. They offer private baths and saunas combined with special treatments like Japanese dry massages and relaxation oil massages.


Crown Spa Melbourne at Crown Towers

Right in the heart of the city, the Crown Spa Melbourne, is both a health club and rejuvenating spa. Here you can enjoy the facilities with limited membership keeping it exclusive. There is a 25m heated indoor pool plus Aqua Spa Retreat wet facilities including a vitality pool, hammam and ‘experience showers’. The spa section offers pampering with private, spacious treatment rooms – Italian marble, soaring ceilings and soft filtered light. In addition to La Prairie treatments ranging from facials, body wraps, customised body massages, hydrotherapy and detoxifying treatments, the usual manicures, pedicures and salon services are also available.