Beauty That Gives Back

Writer Kate O'Brien | August 21, 2013

“Greengrants has a network of local partners in many countries that monitor issues and needs and who also review proposed projects and results to assure that Aveda’s Earth Month funds go to the most needy recipients,” explains Chuck Bennett, Vice President Earth & Community Care for Aveda. “In this way we are assured that the funds are put to excellent use and that they achieve the intended results.” The company has also contributed more than US $2 million to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Charis Naturals in Singapore is one of a growing breed of online natural apothecaries with a social conscience founded last year by Michelle Mok. ”More and more, consumers care not just about the ingredients in their skin but also about the environment in which they are produced, whether they are tested on animals, and whether their suppliers are good corporate citizens,” Mok says. “We really believe that Katharine’s work in Morocco is exceptional and try to work with other natural and organic brands with similar philosophies. For example, we distribute the Thinksport / Thinkbaby line of sunscreens which donates a large percentage of sales to the Livestrong Cancer foundation in the US, and our in-house brand Athenia products are sourced directly from farmers in South East Asia who practice organic farming without the use of pesticides.”

Locally the company sponsors events, including the National University of Singapore’s annual canned food drive for the needy and Animal Concerns Research & Education Society. “Even though we are a new business, we do what we can, and the philosophy of having both an environmental and social conscience will always be a core part of Charis [Natural]’s corporate culture as we continue to grow.” Dealing exclusively with companies and co-operatives that are certified organic and fair trade along with adequate due diligence is essential as this certification process provides another level of accountability and traceability. “One of my criteria in working with a supplier is that they have a clear idea of how extra funding can elevate the women, whether it’s health care, education, or providing sheep,” adds L’Heureux.

“There are no government agencies involved. I visit frequently to make sure that funds have been allocated properly.” An ethical stamp of approval for the end user, it is refreshing to be sure that in our quest to look good, we can also feel better about our investment and truly nourish both body and soul.

We can also feel better about our investment and truly nourish both body and soul