Treat for Two

Writer Angela Goh | January 11, 2019

Spa and Singapore may not be the first association to mind, let alone the romantic notion of spending quality spa time together in the fast-paced city state. But with an enviable array of pampering experiences curated for couples, those seeking a bonding getaway may give the island republic another think. Driving the demand for couple spa retreats are harried stay-cationers and visitors.

Sabrina Chen, spa manager of Auriga spa at Capella Singapore, says “As wellness and quality of life take on greater significance, more couples are now enjoying quality time. Couple massages are among the popular and relaxing activities people can do together.” From hedonistic pampering to epicurean pleasures, luxury spas are courting couples with inspiring packages designed to celebrate their connection.   

The Ritz-Carlton Spa at The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singpore

Promising a multisensory experience, the ambient sound of trickling water welcomes guests to this marine-inspired spa. Even the relaxation lounge is stocked with healthy snacks infused with bounties from the sea such as seaweed roll and sea salt chocolate. If couple time calls for a champagne toast, the three-hour L’aventure, which preludes with a glass of champagne, is a splendid top-to-toe spa journey.

Lovers of classical music will be in for truly immersive spa time with the Cello Concerto experience. Melding the curative properties of touch and sound therapies, the hour-long customised full-body massage is synchronised with classical pieces played by a cellist.

“This allows a couple to connect emotionally over an unforgettable multisensory spa experience,” says Steve Desobeau, director of The Ritz-Carlton Spa, Millenia Singapore. The lyrical sonorities of the cello flow with the fluid movements of the Swedish medium pressure, with the deft long strokes of the lomi lomi massage technique, both strings and hands unleashing their own powerful healing.

As if conspiring, the poignantly graceful melody of The Swan by Camille Saint-Saëns (played during the leg massage) together with the therapist’s gentle gliding movements lulls me into a hypnotic state. Such is the mesmerising melancholy of the famous solo cello piece. Throughout the entrancing movement of music and massage, I ruminate on Shakespeare’s line: “If music be the food of love, play on”.

Remède Spa at The St. Regis Singapore

For opulence look no further than the polished elegance of The St. Regis Singapore. The stylish spa boasts a wet lounge lavished with hot pools, a eucalyptus-scented steam chamber, Finnish sauna, ice fountain and heated wave loungers.

But more compelling is the Couple Retreat package, a three-hour fully customised and comprehensive journey, which concludes with a delightful dinner. My partner and I opt for the same rose-lychee fragrance from Baija Paris to go with the body scrub and massage. The hour-long full facial using the Doctor Babor skincare range feels more like an extended treatment having to be woken up for an ensuing warm rose-petal bath.

We are more than pleased a splendid gastronomic journey awaits at the Italian restaurant LaBrezza. Healthy and exceedingly delicious, the spa dining menu selections come include a calorie count. For starters, we pick the duck breast with apple compote. Catching our fancy for entrée among a choice of three is the sustainable seabass and purple potato. Chef de Cuisine Armando Aristarco from Naples did a marvellous job on both meats, delivering sublimely silken texture while leaving their inherent flavours intact. Drizzle the lemon-anchovy sauce over the seabass for a subdued tang. Keeping the lightest for last, the fruit salad with lemon sorbet wins.

The Spa at The Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore

Among the newest on the scene, The Spa at The Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore was unveiled last October. An architectural gem, the hotel straddles two restored buildings, Capitol Building and Stamford House, melding art deco and Victorian design contemporised into an elegant masterpiece. The compact spa’s cosy, simple setting invites immediate relaxation. From the couple suite equipped with a steam room to the fine dining restaurants, couples who crave the small and aesthetically beautiful will love this place.

While its signature Singapore Massage pays tribute to the nation’s multi-ethnic make-up, it results in a highly efficacious fusion massage, gleaning from the best ancient techniques of the Chinese, Malay and Indian. My tense muscles stand no chance against such proven remedies.

Using a traditional Chinese wooden spider massage tool, the gun fa technique releases muscle tension along the back. The Malay-style gentle abdominal massage helps to strengthen weak abdominal muscles. For Indians, the foot is the main path to general well-being. Massaging reflexology points with the kansu bowl improves sleep and eyesight. Containing copper, bronze and zinc, they are made by expert artisans in India, each vessel unique in its vibrational energy. Bolstering the treatments is French brand Thémaé’s massage balm enriched with hemp oil (rich in omega 3 and 6), Macadamia nuts and four teas (black, white, green and Oolong).

Romance reigns in Singapore with a wide range of couples’ spa journeys