Ab Fab Trio

Writer Luke Elijah | March 11, 2019

Body contouring has become one of the most sought-after aesthetic procedures by fitness-conscious men who demand maximum visual results. Eliminating abdominal fat  to reveal rippling washboard abs can be both tedious and challenging. Men whose metabolisms have slowed with age often find that their spare tires refuse to budge even after trying fat-burning supplements, fad diets or punishing exercise regimes. For decades, the only option was invasive liposuction which could take weeks for a full recovery. Thanks to cutting-edge technologies, finding a safe alternative to liposuction can be as simple as one of these three options.


The EMSCULPT is a non-invasive HIFEM (High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic) technology that induces intense supramaximal muscle contractions not achievable through normal exercise. When exposed to these powerful contractions, our muscle tissues have no choice but to adapt to such extreme conditions and grow as a result. The after-effect of multiple treatments are increased muscle mass, volume and density. This is achieved as the muscles are forced to remodel and multiply their inner fibrous structure, which brings about an ideal combination of muscle build and fat burn.

Each EMSCULPT session takes 30 minutes and a typical treatment protocol is a minimum of four sessions scheduled two or three days apart. Visible results are seen two weeks after the last treatment and continue to improve for several weeks thereafter. Renowned plastic surgeon Dr Martin Huang of MH Plastic Surgery says, “I believe EMSCULPT is a revolutionary development in non-invasive body contouring because for the first time, we are able to tighten the abdominals and lift the butt without resorting to any surgery.”

The EMSCULPT apparatus pad resembles an iron. It felt like doing deep abdominal crunches, and the robust vibrations that reverberated all the way to my feet took getting used to. Each series of induced muscle contractions were intercepted with electromagnetic impulses, which felt like tapping, to release accumulated lactic acid. Post treatment, I barely felt any muscle soreness associated with a strenuous gym workout. Two weeks after my last session, I started to see abdominal contours appear.


CoolSculpting is a non-surgical long-lasting fat reduction treatment that uses controlled cooling to permanently eliminate subcutaneous fatty tissues that do not respond to diet or exercise. Fat cells that are frozen during the CoolSculpting procedure gradually die and and are eliminated naturally through the body. Dr Huang says, “In my experience, CoolSculpting is the most effective non-surgical treatment for fat reduction.”

The areas to be treated were mapped and marked on my stomach before a gel pad was being placed on top. Once the applicator was in place, I instantly felt an aching pull from the vacuum suction. As the cooling system kicked in shortly after, I experienced a sharp freezing sensation. Within five minutes, the area went numb and the pain become more manageable. I could even compose emails and reply to messages on my phone for the rest of the treatment.  I was told that many clients read, watch videos or even nap during their sessions. Aftewards, I felt slight sensitivity and tingling as the treated areas were massaged. Potential side effects may include temporary redness, swelling, bruising, stinging, tenderness or sensitivity. Since the CoolSculpting procedure is non-invasive, I could immediately return to normal activities.

Leading aesthetic physician Dr Kenneth Thean, founder and medical director of the EnSoul medical clinic, advises, “Careful analysis and an artistic approach is crucial to achieving your ideal body shape. Choose a dedicated clinic that pays attention to detail and carries only FDA-approved machines.”


EXILIS uses a safe, sophisticated combination of thermal energy, focused radio frequency waves, and ultrasound technology to firm and lift facial contours, as well as shape the body. An additional bonus is reducing wrinkles and stimulating the skin’s collagen production. Most clients see a difference after just one session, and can jump back to their normal routines immediately after. Dr Rohan Mendis, CEO of Mendis Aesthetics, says, “EXILIS is used to tighten the skin and emulsify unwanted fat. We then use Acoustic Wave therapy to further assist the body in the lymphatic drainage of the dissolved fat to the liver to be metabolised by the body’s natural waste elimination processes.”

For a smoother glide of the applicator hand piece, ultrasound gel is first applied on the area to be treated. I felt a pleasant comfortable warming sensation on my belly akin to a hot-stone massage. The experience was so soothing I fell asleep, and didn’t want it to end. The skin around my abdomen appeared more taut immediately after the treatment. For optimal results, four treatment sessions each ranging from 30 to 40 minutes are advised within a span of two to four weeks. Dr Mendis adds, “I always recommend adopting a balanced, holistic approach with lifestyle changes that include a proper diet plan and daily exercise. We can then use technology such as EXILIS and Acoustic Wave to further enhance and accelerate healthy weight loss.”