Mark Anup Karlsson

Writer ZOE LOUISE CRONK | November 10, 2012

To say that Mark Anup Karlsson is inspirational would be an understatement. An international speaker, healer, life coach, mentor and Reiki master; the spiritual talents of this charismatic and down-to-earth individual are never-ending, as is his passion for teaching and healing. A troubled past full of highs and lows, Karlsson is now a speaker and visiting practitioner at various spas and healing centres across Asia.

Disinterested in education and adopted as a young child, Mark Anup Karlsson originally trained as an instrument technician, moving on to work on oil rigs in the Middle East. Then, aged 26 and feeling no affiliation with his chosen career, Karlsson took himself off on a working holiday to Australia. Soon after and purely by chance, he heard an advertisement for a personal development seminar that was to change his life.

“A radio advert came on promoting a free seminar, offering help to individuals struggling in various areas of life,” Karlsson recalls. “I went along but nearly didn’t go in; a friend had to convince me. I was so impressed that I spent my savings on the course, and have never looked back. It was the first time in my life that I felt that kind of passion for something I had witnessed.”

The seminar may have marked the beginning of his spiritual journey, but it was a path that was not to be supported by his adoptive parents. Karlsson explains, “A lot of my work in the spiritual field was trying to prove to my father that I was valuable, as he didn’t believe any of it. I would fight with him about perceptions of reality, as ours were vastly different, and my mother would ring me crying.”

Despite this, he continued learning about spirituality and began telling others about his recent enlightening experience, moving around in Canada and Indonesia, before eventually settling in Hong Kong for five years. “This is where my healing began,” he explains. “I met healers and would assist in seminars. My first teacher had a huge effect on me too. He was a psychoanalyst turned spiritual healer and treated me like a son. Finally, I had a parental influence that was guiding me towards something I really loved – spirituality.”