The A-list Treatment

Writer Andre Cooray | October 7, 2013

Where can you holiday like a male celebrity? Simply check in to one of their vacation homes. It makes perfect sense that the pickiest of guests have now become the hosts. Who better to create the ultimate getaways than the famous people whose lifestyles demand that they eat, sleep and breathe luxury? Set in the world’s most beautiful locations from private Caribbean islands to the jungles of Central America and the Australian outback, these escapes are 100 per cent paparazzi-proof.

We look at five top resorts owned by A-list actors, an Oscar-winning director, an iconic illusionist and a big time music label founder. From mythical adventures to jaguar night safaris, here’s where you can get the complete star treatment.


Penélope Cruz and Javier Bardem tied the knot here, and so did Google co-founder Sergey Brin and his wife. Illusionist David Copperfield’s resort Musha Cay is a favourite among celebrities looking to trade in the limelight for some warm Bahamian sunlight. Located in the beautiful Bahamas, it is part of 11 private islands owned by Copperfield. Carpeted in powder-soft sand, the beaches boast sapphire blue water and exotic native wildlife. “When Oprah [Winfrey] was on the island she spent a lot of time with the toucans,” said Copperfield.

From parrots that are trained to pick up refuse from the shore to a mermaid-themed snorkelling adventure (with an underwater musical score written by – it’s a veritable ‘Never Never Land’. “Every magical thing I have ever experienced, I tried to put into the resort,” says Copperfield. This includes fireworks on demand, an outdoor cinema and “levitating on the beach using magic principles”.

There are five palatial guesthouses that are lavishly decorated with Asian artefacts, museum pieces and memorabilia of Copperfield’s heroes. The Houdini room holds the eponymous magician’s original pool table and various other nostalgic keepsakes. At US$39,000 per night (for one to 12 guests) it’s a treat that’s worth its salt.

One can only imagine the action star with sundowners by the pool after a gruelling film schedule