Sabina Mallanalli Visarraga

Writer Vivienne Tang | October 10, 2013

“In Mexico, rosemary, basil and rue have been used for millennia to cleanse the energetic body and draw out toxins, and all three herbs are wonderful for the muscles,” Visarraga continues. “We also use sweat lodges in Mexico, and we use rue to pour on the rocks, so people can sweat. I’ve taken that kind of knowledge and incorporated it into this spa treatment. So basically you’re lying in this wrap, having a mini sweat lodge, before you do a scrub.”

The scrub includes organic honey and fine sea salt, helping the body rid itself of old skin. The cleanse is then followed by a bath ritual in the comforting steam shower, where warm, soothing chamomile tea is poured over the person. But this only sums up the pre-treatment, in order for the lomi lomi massage to reach even deeper levels.

However, quality treatments not only depend on the ingredients but the therapists themselves. According to Visarraga, the best therapists are the ones who work on their own spiritual practice and being in a state of appreciation during the treatment, which is a key part of the lomi lomi massage, together with what she calls ‘flying’, a special massage technique that uses flowing, figure- of-eight, body movements and dance steps.

“Keeping that vibration of appreciation… it just melts people,” she says. “It creates space inside one’s body. People get such a deep feeling of relaxation, and the therapists too. It changes their lives, because they have to start a practice of taking care of themselves and being very responsible for themselves and others. The ‘flight’ is like a moving meditation, and it is teaching the therapists to be present in that moment. This lomi lomi massage is really going to increase the quality of all the spa treatments.”

With lomi lomi you bring all of who you are forward
~ Sabina Mallanalli Visarraga