Heavenly Revival

Writer Zoe Louise Cronk | October 16, 2013

Visitors to Beijing may be understandably overwhelmed by its energetic nature, vast size and abundant population. Thankfully, sanctuaries of serenity like the Heavenly Spa by Westin at The Westin Beijing Financial Street, are ready and waiting with decadent treatments that combine modern spa therapy with Chinese tradition, to provide guests with a boost in well-being. Spanning more than 2,000 sq m with six treatment rooms and two spacious suites, its luxurious features include aromatic steam rooms and rainforest showers with specially designed light therapy.


After three days of frenzied sightseeing and culinary overindulgence, the two-hour Westin Revival package that I am booked in for sounds divine. Designed to rejuvenate weary travellers, it includes a body scrub and hour-long aromatherapy massage, before an express facial that promises cashmere-soft skin.


Leaving the commotion of the urban jungle behind, I feel my body begin to unwind as I absorb the blissful silence of the Heavenly Spa by Westin and enjoy a cup of delicious fruit tea with a few Westin superfoods (dried fruits and walnuts). After a short wait, I am led to my treatment room, where the soothing blend of lavender and citronella essential oils aids in calming me during the welcoming footbath, foot scrub and Chinese foot pounding; a traditional method used to promote circulation. Lying comfortably on the massage bed, I relax into the methodical and invigorating, full-body scrub, which, despite lasting 30 minutes, is over far too quickly and my therapist soon indicates to the adjoining bathroom, telling me to rinse off the white tea cream. Noting that my skin already feels softer, I shower in a sleepy haze and return to the treatment room eager for the massage to begin, so I can drift off again. She focuses the massage on my upper back and shoulders (areas I had informed her had been feeling tense) using sweet almond oil and strong pressure to firmly knead my kinks, often commenting on my multiple knots and performing occasional shoulder manipulations to loosen tauter muscles. I begin to relax again as the pressure eases and she moves onto my lower back and legs. Massage complete and stiffness relieved, she turns her attention to the 30-minute facial, applying nourishing Thalgo products designed to firm and tighten (including a Moisture Quenching Mask) with delicacy and care, before finishing with a rejuvenating head massage.