Hot on the Rocks

Writer Heta Shah | October 28, 2013

Spa trends, much like fashion, keep changing, almost seasonally. However, when it comes to wellness, a few techniques, such as hot stone treatments, are but timeless. Owing to their innumerable benefits, these therapies continue to be embraced on spa menus everywhere, no matter what the latest trend is.

Hot stone treatments need no introduction. The treatment uses ‘warmed’ basalt stones– black volcanic rocks, usually from rivers, that have been smoothed over time by the water’s currents. These rocks absorb and retain heat well.

Missy Dowell, Spa Manager at Conrad Maldives Rangali Island aptly explains, “A Hot Stone Massage is a deeply relaxing massage that uses hot stones as a tool to warm and soften the muscles so that therapists can work deeper into the muscle.”

Sharon Codner, Regional Spa Director (Asia), The Peninsula Hotels, adds, “Hot stone massage uses warmed stones to penetrate the skin and provide relief to tired, aching muscles. The stones are also used with effleurage movements all over the body. In addition, some therapists will use stones to work on areas of stress and tension, using them for deep tissue work.”

Betty Chu, Group Director of Sales & Marketing and Spa General Manager, Mission Hills Group concurs. She says, “During the massage, the warm volcanic stones and crystal stones help to promote muscle relaxation, blood circulation and positive energy flow, giving a sense of harmony and peace. Hot Stone Massage also brings about a very deep blissful state of relaxation that washes your worries and concerns away.”

Warmed basalt stones are strategically placed on the body in an anticlockwise position with the therapist following the movement of the client’s breath
~ Sharon Codner