Boosting Fertility

Writer Noch Noch Li | October 28, 2013

Children are a blessing, but the journey to having them can prove challenging at times. While some people battle with unexplained infertility issues, for others, even a successful conception could be hindered by physical health problems. Preparing your body through conventional and holistic methods could help boost your fertility and maintain well-being for a healthy family.

Building a family is a joyous occasion. However, getting pregnant might not be that straightforward. One in four couples have fertility problems, failing to conceive after 12 months of regular sexual intercourse without contraception.

Examinable physical issues, such as polycystic ovaries (PCOS) or low sperm count could result in infertility; other less evident impediments to getting pregnant also exist. Things, such as increased stress levels induced by hectic lifestyles, including attempts to balance one’s career, family and social lives, and even finding time to exercise, eat healthily and relax, can all make our mind and body too tense and affect the frequency or effectiveness of sexual intercourse. Or, it could be because couples do not try for children until they are in their late thirties or early forties, when fertility rates are declining. Whether you have been trying or are planning to have children, there are multiple ways to overcome infertility or give it a boost. Methods can be used independently or used together to complement each other, but most importantly, you should feel comfortable about whatever method you are trying.

Depression and anxiety are associated with lower fertility rates in both men and women
~ Alice Domar