Boosting Fertility

Writer Noch Noch Li | October 28, 2013


Katherine Stark wanted to have the healthiest possible pregnancy and went for a ten-day fasting retreat at Natural Instinct Healing in Bali to detoxify, then used naturopathic herbs and nutritional supplements to enhance natural fertility. “I believe that getting our bodies ready before trying is why we conceived so easily after just four months,” says Stark.

Naturopathy is rooted in a holistic approach that works to heal the body from the cellular level up. By using a variety of non-invasive diagnostic techniques, such as nail and tongue analysis, Kate Reardon, Naturopath & Nutritionist, Founder of Natural Instinct Healing, assesses any health issues, then tailor-makes a treatment plan suited to the couple’s goals and budget. Naturopathy also considers the mind, body and spirit of the person as a whole.

Reardon explains, “By undergoing a thorough cleanse, the body has time to heal and regenerate. Fasting allows for all the toxins to be removed from the cells and the liver to metabolise any excess hormones, such as cortisol (stress hormone leading to exhaustion), which may lead to infertility. It is also fantastic for couples that have undergone IVF without success or women who have been on various forms of synthetic contraception because it will ‘pull out’ any excess hormones that affect fertility.”

Depression and anxiety are associated with lower fertility rates in both men and women
~ Alice Domar