Boosting Fertility

Writer Noch Noch Li | October 28, 2013


Stacey Roberts, a herbalist who runs Sharkey’s Healing Centre in Australia, promotes balance between the body and mind in achieving natural fertility through herbal mixtures founded by Ruth Sharkey. Based on each person’s condition, Roberts concocts an individualised herbal formula, bottles up the mixture and sends it off to clients to drink regularly. Every six weeks the formula is adjusted. “Conventional medicine looks at one hormone at a time to check whether it is within normal range. We look at the balance between certain hormones and compare them to optimal ranges,” says Roberts.

Karina Harrison experienced numerous miscarriages before she started taking Sharkey’s Herbal formulas. After two months, she became pregnant again and carried the baby to full term, bearing a daughter.

Although there are some set formulas, such as the Antioxidant Vegetable Protein Powder Leaf Greens, consisting of spinach, barley and snow peas, Roberts notes that there are over 50 possible herbs she might use to maximise fertility. “Everyone’s herbal formula is different, especially when the problem is unexplained fertility…I find that when more detailed tests are done to check different organ systems that support the reproductive system, there can be areas to improve on.”

Depression and anxiety are associated with lower fertility rates in both men and women
~ Alice Domar