Boosting Fertility

Writer Noch Noch Li | October 28, 2013


SHA Wellness Clinic partnered this year with the Reproduction Unit at Vistahermosa Clinic to create a fertility programme combining medical and holistic methods. During the first week’s stay, a range of medical tests, consultations and wellness activities are conducted at SHA. Every treatment is geared towards increasing fertility and fibroid reduction, and the programme features ginger compresses or baths for instance, as well as acupuncture to promote circulation in the pelvic region. After approximately two months the couples go through another week’s stay, with checkups, hydro-aromatherapy and learning healthy cooking. Then, embryo transfers are carried out in the Vistahermosa Clinic.

Babara Thorpe had been trying to get pregnant since 2008. She tried Clomid, a medicine used to stimulate ovulation, but to no avail. She approached the team at SHA a few months ago and participated in the fertility programme. After two treatments of egg donation, she is now eight weeks pregnant. “Yes, it is still possible to achieve a pregnancy. I am grateful to this team that changed my life,” remarks Thorpe.

Depression and anxiety are associated with lower fertility rates in both men and women
~ Alice Domar