Miracle Oils

Writer Zoe Louise Cronk | December 2, 2013

Keeping our skin smooth and moisturised is now a much easier task thanks to some of nature’s most wonderful beauty oils

Year after year, the two more extreme seasons take a serious toll on our skin and hair. Warmer weather arrives to the delight of many, but chlorine and saltwater can leave even the softest of beach waves feeling dry and brittle, while the heightened chance of sunburn means clear complexions become vulnerable to pigmentation and premature ageing, not to mention the drying effects of air conditioning. In a similar fashion, winter brings with it central heating and exposure to harsher weather conditions, both of which leave skin dull and dehydrated, and hair with an unsightly frizz. Fortunately, today’s beauty-conscious society is well equipped with secret weapons that give our locks back their bounce and shine and replenish our skin with moisture and elasticity. We’ve rounded up some of nature’s best miracle oils to help you counteract the negative effects of next season’s weather.

Rosehip seed oil has been named by a number of celebrities as their go-to product for a radiant complexion. Thanks to the natural conditioning of the vitamin A it contains, it also provides hair with strength and moisture, adding lightweight nourishment without making hair greasy.

For Margo Marrone, a keen advocate for rosehip seed oil and founder of The Organic Pharmacy (hence its inclusion in products, such as their Virgin Cold Pressed Rose Hip Seed Serum), the science speaks for itself. “Its action on healing the skin and reversing sun damage, radiotherapy and chronic ulcers was nothing short of remarkable and even surprised researchers,” she explains. “Testing resulted in amazing results, where sun damage (including brown spots) and wrinkles caused by sun damage were actually reversed and acne scarring removed.”

Babassu has an ability to preserve skin elasticity by keeping it soft and supple, while ridding it of surface-level impurities
~ Denise Leicester