Let’s Talk About Sex Drive

Writer Andre Cooray | December 4, 2013

A busy and stressful lifestyle may lead to a less than satisfactory sex life, but let that bother you no longer – improve your libido by making small changes in your daily life

Even Napoleon Bonaparte was supposedly not always in the mood for ‘sexy time’, at least if the famous phrase “Not tonight, Josephine” is anything to go by. It still resonates with many men today, because like the 19th-century emperor, they have a lot on their minds. A flagging libido is often a symptom of a frenetic lifestyle. Those caught up in the rat race tend to put sex low on their priority lists and lose touch with their bodies. Stress, lack of sleep and not enough exercise can make a robust sex drive crash and burn.

On the bright side, there are many effective and holistic methods to help get your mojo back. From increasing your testosterone levels to energy healing, here is what the libido experts recommend.


“Men who are stressed all the time find it almost impossible to have good sex because of destructive changes in body chemistry,” says Scott Hays, author of numerous books, includingSexual Fitness for Men. “Yet the research is clear that even lightweight exercise programmes cause a dramatic drop in stress chemicals and an increase in sexual interest.” Exercise enhances blood flow to the nether regions and releases feel-good endorphins leading to a stronger libido.

“And we’re not talking hardcore athletics, either. Men who work out, even moderately, have increased sex drive,” adds Hays. He recommends creating a fitness programme with cardio, resistance training and some stretching. Go to the gym for half an hour most days of the week to increase endurance, energy and sexual desire. “Harder workouts, if you’re so inclined, can boost your sex drive even more.”

Men who are stressed find it impossible to have good sex because of destructive changes in body chemistry
~ Scott Hays