A Little Nip and Tuck

Writer Andre Cooray | December 20, 2013

Has the thought of slipping off the radar for a little nip and tuck ever crossed your mind? If so, then you’re not alone

Attracted by natural-looking results and less downtime, a growing number of men today, are going under the scalpel (or needle) to quite literally shave off the years. Statistics by the American Society for Aesthetic Surgery show that cosmetic rejuvenation for men increased by an eye-opening 121 per cent from 1997 to 2011. From weekend facelifts and ‘man-jectables’ to abdominal etching, there are many plastic surgery options for men eager to turn back the clock and tweak their physiques.

Five medical specialists tell us about the most popular treatments and offer advice on what looks good on guys.


When it comes to getting aesthetic surgery, it goes without saying that less is more. “Many people agree that George Clooney looks good for his age, one of the reasons is that he has undergone conservative upper blepharoplasty,” says Dr Julian De Silva, a London-based facial cosmetic surgeon who uses an innovative stitch-less method for eyelifts to reduce bruising and swelling. Blepharoplasty aka eyelid surgery, one of the most popular procedures in Asia, is designed to pull up droopy eyelids and remove eye bags caused by excess skin, muscle and fat.

“A natural-looking rejuvenated male blepharoplasty requires different surgical techniques to that of female blepharoplasty. The position of the natural skin crease of the eyelid should be lower,” Dr De Silva explains. So for men, he says that a fuller upper eyelid and lower brow is both a masculine and attractive feature, whereas exaggerated creases can give an unnatural, feminised appearance.

Etching and body implants greatly enhance the ‘alpha male’ and ‘leader of the pack’ look
~ Dr Marc DuPére