Fast Rituals

Writer Kate O’Brien | February 19, 2014

At the dawn of yet another frenetic year, life is even busier and those vital ‘me minutes’ fast become fewer. Hence the rise of a plethora of powerful multipurpose beauty products and salons purposefully designed to simplify lives, while promising to maximise results

Take Miracle Skin Transformer for instance. Marketed as a moisturiser, sunscreen, antioxidant and foundation in one, this multitasking cocktail promises a shortcut to beautiful skin. And KeratinPerfect 3-in-1 Hair BB Multi-Action Hair Beauty Balm, a serum, cream and oil hybrid, is designed to instantly deliver the perfecting power of three products in one. Are complex creations such as these truly the route to a flawless finish? And at the end of the day, are we really saving time while being true to our skin?

Noella Gabriel is adamant that a product can only do one job effectively. As Director of Product & Treatment Development at Elemis in London she has been at the forefront of skincare for many years, witnessing numerous market trends and cycles. “A moisturiser only moisturises and doesn’t work the same as a night cream,” she says. “Multitasking cleansers and toners is an absolute no-no. These cannot be used at one time as they are formulated differently. A cleanser is formulated with either a milk or a cream, and a toner comes with an alcohol or water base, and putting these two products together will not work, as one tightens the pores and one deep cleanses, and they can’t do this at the same time. Cleansers will cleanse and exfoliate, but they cannot cleanse and tone.” Conversely mixing two cream-based products allows them to work together to the max.

A new year in London sees the traditional beauty salon getting a fresh makeover with the arrival of Blow – fast grooming for women on the go. Looking good in 30 minutes or less is the mission with make-up and manis in minutes and a cherry-picked collection of the very best cult beauty brands. With longer opening hours, clients can now have hair, face and nails done in just 45 minutes, before the morning’s first meeting.

It's not about the amount of time you take in your daily skincare routine, but the importance of keeping your routine consistent and simple
~ Noella Gabriel