Edible Beauty

Writer Catharine Nicol | February 21, 2014

You can pop a pill to be healthier, to be more relaxed or more energised, to quieten allergies and deaden pain, or to set every nerve jangling. An increasing trend in the wellness industry is beauty by supplement, and the market, called nutricosmetics, is surging in popularity.

Of course, edible beauty is nothing new; the Chinese in particular have long understood, via the 5,000-year-old philosophy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which foods enhance the skin and other parts of the body. It’s no surprise then that after Japan, they are Asia’s second strongest market. According to Euromonitor, China is expected to overtake Japan as the world’s largest nutricosmetics market by 2015. Although the West seems to have been lagging behind, it was the Swedish biochemist Ake Dahlgren, the ‘Father of Internal Skincare’, who is credited for having created the world’s first commercial nutricosmetics back in the 80s, and his brand Imedeen, which makes great use of marine extracts, is still on sale today.

In fact, the present global boom owes much to the West. As their baby boomers refuse to age, their well-oiled marketing machines have whirred into action and suddenly the whole world is in on the trend. The US market is worth over USD1 billion already and a report by Global Industry Analysts anticipates the global market will hit USD4.24 billion by 2017. As a result, the more conventional pills have been joined by candies and drinks as companies try to tempt the nutritionally challenged.


In a delightful fusion of nutrition and cosmetics, nutricosmetics are supplements packed with vitamins, botanical actives, proteins and enzymes that feed the skin with the maximum antioxidant boost possible, improving the skin’s structure and function from the inside out. In theory, a perfect storm of nutrition from the inside meets topical skincare wizardry from the outside, and tada! we get an ageless nirvana for the skin.

Many skin problems arise from within the body. Therefore, it is logical to solve these issues from within
~ Richard Wilmink