Writer Gloria Fung | March 12, 2014

Reinterpreting the meaning of natural beauty, ILIA’s make-up is packed with nourishing ingredients that will give you an instant jolt of colour and a steady dose of nutrients.

The term organicis thrown around fairly loosely these days by skincare and cosmetics brands, hoping to attract the health-conscious crowd and ride on the green trend. However, for ILIA, an up-and-coming cosmetics brand, organic is more than just a sales pitch. After seeing the different types of ingredients that go into creating everyday make-up products during her time at a large brand, Sasha Plavsic, founder of ILIA, realised there was a demand for organic products with a contemporary look.

“There is a lot of ‘green washing’ for products claiming to be natural, when in reality they are no different than any other conventional brand sitting on shelves,” she says. This is especially the case with make-up products because it is nearly impossible to create colour cosmetics that are 100 per cent organic.

This is essentially what inspired Plavsic to create ILIA; a brand that began with Tinted Lip Conditioner in six shades in 2011 and has now grown to include multi-use products and eye make-up. Born out of Vancouver, Canada, the brand is now headquartered in Los Angeles and can be found at the cosmetics counters at trending retailers, such as Colette, Harvey Nichols and Net-A-Porter.

While Plavsic is fully aware of the limitations of creating a certified organic make-up product, she is committed to making lipsticks and eye shadows that are as natural as possible, where each product is formulated with up to 85 per cent bioactive organic ingredients. “It’s a challenge for many brands to use all organic, including us, and we do our best to source ingredients from vendors that have awareness in this area.”

As for organic, there are many benefits in being able to regenerate the cells and heal the skin, it just may not be as instant in results
~ Sasha Plavsic