Kundalini Rising

Writer Vivienne Tang | March 31, 2014

Happy Valley in Hong Kong has become a bit of a wellness haven, ever since Bodywize launched its first spa there. I’ve never tried any of their treatments. So this is a first, and I’m pleasantly surprised when I step into the Retreat spa, which is just around the corner from its other location. I’m greeted with hot tea and quickly feel at ease as soon as I walk through the door.


I’m booked in for two ila signature treatments. The pampering session includes a 30-minute Kundalini Back Treatment, as well as a 75-minute Ananda Face Therapy ritual. Part of the Slow Life series, ila’s treatments are more than just your regular massage and facial. The brand goes to great lengths to train its therapists in energy work, teaching them how to channel healing energy, which highly contributes to the success of its treatments.


For the massage, the therapist uses ila’s Kundalini oil to work on the chakra points along the spine, which is perhaps best described as an ‘energetic lymphatic drainage’ of tension and stuck energy.

The products used for the facial are all part of the Glowing Radiance series, which includes a high concentration of Rose Damascene (rose petals are all handpicked to avoid damage by machinery). The Ananda Face Therapy begins with a gentle honey scrub and transitions into a massage, in which the therapist focuses on marma points that she activates, sending energy through her palms with slow circular movements. The face massage is then followed by a detoxifying clay mud mask, which is mixed with rose water to purify and hydrate at the same time. Face oil and face cream from the same collection complete the treatment.

The nurturing massage uses chakra and sound healing to awaken and channel the Kundalini energy from the base of the spine, realigning the body’s rhythm, and restoring its equilibrium