The healing Benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Writer Catharine Nicol | July 24, 2013

Qigong focuses on the body as a whole and involves the regulation and regeneration of the nervous, circulatory, digestive and lymphatic systems. By improving the flow of chi to the body’s internal organs, they are able to function optimally. Since the qigong movements are slow and graceful, and combined with relaxed breathing, the result will be a smoother flow of energy, which eliminates stress in the body. Dis- eased states are based on stress build-up in the body, so once the body is relaxed it creates an environment for optimal cellular regeneration and rejuvenation. When this level of balance is reached, we find the most profound healing results.

“Certain people gravitate towards certain physical activities,” Dr Himlok adds. “The seemingly aggressive forms tend to be an outlet for a constitution that is more yang in nature, which is more active, challenging, goal oriented and competitive. If yang energy is too extreme, it can upset the balance of the body and lead to certain yang excess syndromes or personalities. It is wise to seek a practitioner, who can differentiate between your yin and yang nature and suggest the correct type of physical exercise to cultivate harmony in your body. If you have excess yang then qigong could offer ways to increase your yin energy or reduce your yang energy. It can also do the same for yin excess syndromes, which may include traits such as passivity, coldness, fatigue, quietness, isolation, depression etc.

“Healing qigong and meditation can benefit our mental and emotional levels with regular practice, as they enable us to have better control over our reactions to stress or crisis and minimise stress-related symptoms, such as anxiety, high blood pressure, irritation, inflammation or frustration. People practice qigong to maintain a healthier, smoother and stronger energetic flow and positive frame of mind, while healers use qigong to prevent ‘healer burn-out’.”

Dr Karen Himlok, Green T House, Beijing

Originally from South Africa, Dr Himlok offers Chinese Medicine modalities, such as acupuncture, Tui Na, Meridian therapy and nutrition, as well as homeopathy and naturopathic health assessments. With over eight years of practice and five of training, she develops specialised programmes for each individual client and their physical and mental challenges. In addition, she specialises in qigong and craniosacral therapy.

In Chinese medicine we say that with the needle we can stop stagnation on the meridian, where chi should flow
~ Dr Doris Rathgeber