Nutrients for Glowing, Youthful Skin

Writer Gabrielle Tüscher | February 7, 2014


• Don’tsmoke

• Don’t leave the house without sunscreen

• Avoiddrinkingcoffeeandalcohol

• Avoidrefinedfoods,salty,processed, sugary foods and saturated fats

• Do cleanse your skin every morning and evening

• Doexerciseregularlytoimproveyour circulation. Sweat produces sebum, the body’s natural moisturiser

• Do sleep for at least eight hours a night

• Do make sure your stress levels are kept under control as stress produces cortisol, which in turn aggravates the digestive system and the skin

As AsiaSpa’s nutritionist, Gabrielle Tüscher has advised readers how to eat better since 2006. An accredited registered dietician with a masters degree in Clinical Nutrition and Food Studies, she advocates a healthy lifestyle through good nutrition.

Skin is built from the inside out, it draws its healthy glow from good nutrition