Top 10 – Nature Retreats

Writer Mabs Potter | April 15, 2013


A few hours southwest of Shanghai near Moganshan Mountain in Zhejiang Province lie hillside bamboo forests, which are the home for naked Stables Private Reserve. Here, guests can stay in earth huts crafted with thick sod walls on the valley floor or in treetop villas, which capture the sweeping vistas. The design and materials utilised were conceived with LEED platinum certification in mind, such that the feeling and quality of the dwellings are not only in harmony with nature, but also in harmony with health. With a stable of trained horses, both grooming and riding opportunities abound. Trekking, mountain biking, fishing and tea picking and roasting experiences are also highlighted, so as to give guests ample time outdoors. The naked Leaf Spa sits high amongst the trees with a variety of soothing treatments, after which guests can sit on the outdoor deck and take in the wonder of the natural surroundings.

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