Spa Like a Star

Writer Gloria Fung | July 22, 2014

Varua Polynesian Spa opens in French Polynesia’s newest resort The Brando. Built on Tetiaroa, an island previously owned by the resort’s namesake, actor Marlon Brando, both the resort and the spa are set to be the region’s latest ecotourism attractions. Surrounded by the beauty of nature, the spa is the perfect place to retreat and relax, so much so the island itself was once the vacation spot for the Tahitian royal family. Treatments are based on holistic rituals and traditions dating back to ancient Polynesian times. Together with modern techniques, guests can enjoy a range of massages and facials, as well as body treatments that make use of indigenous ingredients. Featuring private treatment villas built around a pond, guests are invited to use the steam baths, tea and relaxation lounge as well as the yoga shelter. And for couples looking to unwind together, opt for the spa suite high up in the palm trees.