Top 10 – Nature Retreats

Writer Mabs Potter | April 16, 2013


North of Kuala Lumpur in the Cameron Highlands of Perak, there are numerous geological wonders created over thousands of years, resulting in natural hot springs which percolate up through limestone caves and cliffs. Nestled in this land of geothermal abundance is Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat. Here one can take refuge in the resorts soul-soothing natural enclaves such as a spring-fed freeform swimming pool, meditation cave with calcite formations, crystal cave with amethyst and quartzite where Reiki sessions take place, restorative geo-thermal steam caves and a rainwater-fed outdoor rainforest shower. The spa continues with the hydrotherapy theme and offers many water-based healing sessions, which also incorporate Malay, Chinese and Indian healing wisdom such as Urut massage and Mandi Bunga, a bathing tradition. Beyond the resort, centuries-old Buddhist temples located within cavernous cliff openings can be explored and one can experience the magical synergy of nature and the divine.

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