Forest in the Mist

Writer Vivienne Tang | August 25, 2014

The Oriental Medicine programme at COMO Shambhala Estate nurtures stressed and overworked individuals, bringing them back into harmony, balancing body and mind.

Located above a meandering gorge, with plunging views of the dramatic Ayung River and overlooking luscious rice fields, COMO Shambhala Estate is breathtakingly beautiful. Situated just outside Ubud, the 23-acre property is the epitome of luxury escapism in a wellness setting, immersed in a Balinese environment.

The Estate is COMO’s flagship, which is also well known for The Source, its natural spring hailed for its healing properties. And with its spectacular surroundings, including a rich jungle and spring pools with natural waterfalls, which invite you to laze around for days on end, one can experience and simply enjoy the Estate, or get to know their holistic concept and philosophy and engage in one of their six wellness programmes, which offer a 360-degree experience of mind, body and spirit.

I’m booked in for their four-night Oriental Medicine programme, which promotes health and well-being by balancing the physical and emotional energy systems through acupuncture, qigong and meditation. It is said to relieve stress and prevent a range of illnesses, and I’m really looking forward to giving my body a proper overhaul, as I’m in dire need of a reboot.

I arrive late at night in pitch-black darkness, only leaving it up to my imagination what the property will look like at sunrise. My residence, Wanakasa, which means ‘forest in the mist’, features a COMO Shambhala Suite (my abode for the next four nights), two Terrace Suites and two Garden Rooms, as well as a study, which can be transformed into an additional bedroom or treatment room. My suite, boasting beautiful high ceilings, is tastefully decorated with antiques, hand carvings and furniture in rich warm hues, and the bathroom with its hand hewn rock tub is almost as big as my apartment back in Hong Kong. I’m in love with my majestic four-poster bed. Swathed in mosquito nets, I curl up in it, and I’m out before I know it.

Despite what researchers, dieticians and doctors propagate, one simply needs to listen to their own body