Eric Standop

Writer Vivienne Tang | September 23, 2014

After having experienced two burnouts during his corporate career, a serendipitous encounter with a face reader in South Africa led German-born Eric Standop on a journey to learn this ancient technique, which would eventually change his entire life and his outlook on it.

“It was never my intention to become a face reader,” Standop says, looking back on his ten years of experience. “I just wanted to get rid of the stress, but when I met this face reader, I was really inspired…not to become one myself, but to use the tool in my business.”

After the realisation that this newfound art opened up a whole new dimension of interacting and getting to know people on a much deeper level, Standop was unwilling to return to his old and rather superficial job.

“I couldn’t go back to the business,” he says. “First of all, it was boring. Face reading is a new planet. Every face is a new book. Before, I would always put people in a box according to their suit, nationality or the way they look. So now with face reading, I read 600 pages instead of 20. Second of all, you can help many people, not only yourself. And the third thing was that I found out with physiognomy and the way that I felt, that I’m not made for the corporate world. I’m a good competitor, but I would have to pay a high price, and that would be my health.”

He abandoned his corporate gig as a Business Development Director of a gaming company and instead embarked on a quest to become a master of face reading. Back in Germany, he studied for one-and-a-half years under one of the last teachers who taught him facial diagnosis, which reveals one’s health status, as well as physiognomy, a Greek technique, which tells you about people’s personality and character traits. He then went on to South America and studied in Columbia, where he learnt how to read one’s love life, and eventually he studied with a Chinese face reader in Asia, who taught him how to interpret one’s destiny and life purposes. Furthermore, he’s also very versed in micro expressions (popular in the US), which enables him to read emotions while the person is speaking, also making it utterly easy for him to detect lies.

Face reading is a new planet. Every face is a new book
~ Eric Standop