Eric Standop

Writer Vivienne Tang | September 23, 2014

Today, Standop fuses all these skills and travels the world to offer talks and workshops, as well as private readings for anyone who is curious about this ancient art or anyone who needs guidance in their life. He is a regular speaker at the Asia Yoga Conference in Hong Kong and frequently offers his services at Kamalaya in Koh Samui and Madinat Jumeirah’s Talise Spa in Dubai to name a few.

“I read seven different topics,” he says, “They include health, nutrition, character/ personality/talents, destiny, life purpose, job/career or love. In a reading, which takes one to two hours, I read a maximum of three things, otherwise it would be too exhausting, especially for the client. What fascinates me is the diversity of what you can do with face reading. You can give advice in so many areas, and it’s never the same. The advice is always a different one.”

Standop also assures me that anyone can learn face reading. In fact, he has set up his own Face Reading Academy and teaches people from all walks of life. Regular courses take three to four days, and old-fashioned individual training for the most experienced ones can take up to a week, which includes live interaction, such as going to a cafe or a park and communicating with sales people.

Even though Standop has read thousands of faces, he can still be surprised at what can be revealed during a session. “People think I’m a face reader and that if I look at them I’ll immediately know everything,” he says. “What I read immediately is a headline or the index, and sometimes I read two pages, but then there are still 598 other pages. So sometimes I am surprised. Most of us–Isay99percentofus–wearamask. Some have a really good mask, and some have six masks. A reading normally takes one to two hours to find what’s behind all those masks.”

Wearing a mask in today’s society is almost inevitable, but it’s the beauty of Standop’s face reading skills that will allow you to see behind that facade, allowing you to let go of all those roles that you’ve adopted over the years and enabling you to reconnect with your true self.

Face reading is a new planet. Every face is a new book
~ Eric Standop