Atarangi Muru

Writer Véronique Lo | September 1, 2014

Taking the native Maori healing traditions to the world, Atarangi Muru works with her family and other healers to deliver the joy and love that are encompassed in their work.

“My name translates to ‘the realisation of one’s visions’, and that is what I do in the bodywork sessions when I’m working on someone,” says Atarangi Muru.

Considered one of the most respected and influential healers in New Zealand today, Muru was once a “precocious child”, raised by a community of people in the small town of Ahipara in Northland. “I was…strong-willed, hard-headed, and full- on as my mother would say,” she recalls. But that was exactly what led her to the healing path, as she was surrounded by people who not only were patient, understanding and had her welfare at heart, but also started training her at an early age in a subtle way – by demonstrating and showing her how healing is done, instead of talking about it explicitly.

“One of the strongest values that I’ve been raised to treasure is the family,” she continues. “The elders are cared for, the parents are the caregivers, and the children are the future.” Having been brought up in a different way from her siblings, Muru admits that she actually wanted to share the same experiences as her peers at the time; but now she feels “blessed and grateful for all the things that had happened the way they did”. “Life is perfect in her delivery to each individual,” she says.

Muru, whose healing practice is described as “deep, unique, uplifting, enlivening, and physically and spiritually rewarding”, believes that if something is done correctly, then once is enough. “I want to ensure that I am doing everything to the best of my ability,” affirms Muru, who often works with other healers in a group so they can oversee each other’s work and make sure they’re there as much for the client as for each other. “My accomplishments are not mine alone; they are the success of many,” she adds humbly.

[We] help the body to relieve blockages, shift the mindsets, reopen the channels of knowing and restore peace and harmony to the self. Our healing modality penetrates the bone, beyond the tissue, and even pierces the cellular memory that has been stored, traumatised, depleted or undernourished
~ Atarangi Muru