T for Tranquillity

Writer Véronqiue Lo | December 23, 2014

DK Aromatherapy in the vibrant SoHo district in Hong Kong has recently opened its DK Cuppa Tea cafe, which provides city dwellers with a place to slow down and relax while taking bites of healthful snacks together with a cup of sweet-smelling organic tea. In addition to a range of teas and coffees like the calming and anti-ageing Deep Harmony tea, the cafe has introduced an Aromatherapy High Tea set for two that allows you to enjoy low-fat, refreshing and tasty treats in a tranquil environment. The set includes a salad with truffle oil, gluten-free salmon sandwiches, low-fat crumbly scones with organic strawberry jam, a selection of light cakes and more, all served on an elegant three-tier plate.