Writer Gloria Fung | December 23, 2014

While most peoplerecognise Clarins as a leading French skincare brand, if you ask Christian Courtin-Clarins, Chairman of Clarins to describe the brand, he’ll tell you it’s all about an authentic understanding of the skin. A decade before selling its first oils, the Clarins Institute was founded as a spa and a centre for developing treatments through learning about the human body.

“I tell people we’re the leading French skincare brand because our products are born out of the institute,” he says. “You cannot be an expert in product without experience and knowledge in treatment.”

And by focusing strictly on treatment techniques in the first decade, Courtin-Clarins says Clarins was able to gain a full understanding of the human body, which is the basis of effective products.

Over the years, Clarins formulated home care products that complement treatments that are also effective on their own. The brand has also extended their know-how to Clarins spas around the world, training over 10,000 therapists worldwide since 1964.

While the brand was founded six decades ago by Courtin-Clarins’ father, Jacques Courtin-Clarins, it has its roots deeply embedded in French well-being philosophies and scientific discoveries, and there’s also a genuine respect for know-how from around the world.

“In 1985, my father took a trip around the world to learn about techniques from different cultures. There’s always a logic behind a technique and we wanted to understand them,” Courtin-Clarins explains.

And through this learning process, the brand gained deeper insight into the importance of respecting how the body functions. “For instance, we’ve learnt that blood circulation is crucial to achieving great skin, so we look for ingredients and new delivery systems to help achieve this.”

Anti-ageing is something women think about every day, every minute. This is why our research is also constant
~ Christian Courtin-Clarins