Elle Macpherson

Writer Kate O’Brien | January 5, 2015

A living example of beauty from the inside out, supermodel Elle Macpherson discovers the vital link between well-being and true beauty.

“There’s so much discussion around health and fitness, but what I really aspire to is wellness: spiritual, emotional and physical,” says 50-year-old supermodel Elle Macpherson. Known as ‘The Body’ throughout her 1980s-modelling career, the Australian native is a shining example of youth and vitality and her trademark wellness regime is regarded as the holy grail of health and anti-ageing for women the world over. Founder of a multi-million dollar lingerie business, Elle Macpherson Intimates, she executively produced both NBC’s Fashion Star and Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model and is now at the helm of a new wellness venture WelleCo, along with fellow Australian entrepreneur Andrea Bux (creator of the Invisible Zinc range of sun screens).

“I am much more into well-being maintenance than big body overhauls,” she explains. “I think it’s a very Australian way of seeing things. It’s not something you achieve simply through going to the gym, using expensive creams or speaking to a therapist. It’s a feeling of balance and strength that originates from within and on a cellular level.”


Many would find it hard to believe that this immaculately toned epitome of gorgeousness had her share of bad-hair days too as endless travel, being a working mum and getting older began to take its toll. “I was taking over 20 supplements a day and still not feeling good. Am I tired or toxic or getting nearly 50, I asked myself. I don’t think it’s just an ageing thing; it’s a life thing. Everyone can get into a rut doing the same old thing over and over. I wanted to tweak my lifestyle in an intelligent way and soon realised that I had been so busy being fabulous that I had forgotten that I don’t feel so fabulous,” she says, laughing. So under the guidance of Dr Simone Laubscher in London’s Harley Street, she binned the supplements and started a completely new regime based on the latest generation of alkalising food supplements.

“From the first week I started having alkalising greens, I noticed a terrific difference. She [Dr Laubscher] said that my body had become very acidic. When my body is in an alkaline state, when I am healthy and balanced, eating right and exercising properly, I feel better, my moods are stabilised and I have a positive outlook.”

On a physical level she stopped craving sugar and her energy levels improved immensely. “Every aspect of my everyday life started to feel easier as a result of my body functioning better because it is balanced and my nutrition is more complete.”

How I feel, my energy and my health are so much more important to me as I get older...if you are healthy, then you look better on the outside
~ Elle Macpherson