Scott Schwenk

Writer Vivienne Tang | January 6, 2015

Ever since hewas a young boy, Scott Schwenk has always been curious about people around him, and mixed with his awareness of what they were feeling, both physically and emotionally, he quickly started to develop a deep desire for them to be free from pain and suffering. And so began his search to find ways to contribute towards other people’s healing journeys. His new path turned into a way of life, studying, reading and sitting with many incredible mentors and teachers.

“Ultimately, I was shown how to meditate,” he says looking back. “Meditation has been one of the most potent teachers I’ve ever had – each morning it teaches me how to resolve my own challenges and questions and brings me deeper into experiencing a contentment and love that are not caused by an outer circumstance. It is a natural extension for me to share what I am discovering for myself and what works with those who are ready and interested.”

His main gift, however, is to combine coaching and meditation with the breath to help clients connect with themselves and to transform their emotional world. “I work with a number of different styles of meditation and breathing techniques to bring awareness, release anxiety, energise and enter meditative/expanded awareness,” he says. “The most common breath in the work is a three-part rhythmic breath in and out through the mouth, usually done laying flat, accompanied by evocative music. This open-mouth rhythmic breath process hyper-oxygenates the bloodstream, which quickly stimulates a balancing of the endocrine system and a release of the neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine. Simply put – the breathwork gets people out of their heads, into their bodies and into the places that deep sitting meditation can open. By observing the breath, a person’s whole story unfolds in full view. When a person is emotionally stuck, it shows in the breath. When perspective opens, the breath opens up with it.”

By observing the breath, a person’s whole story unfolds
~ Scott Schwenk