The Healing Effects of Water

Writer Danielle Rippingale | April 29, 2013

Water has been revered since the dawn of time and is considered the lifeblood of our planet, making up approximately 75 per cent of the earth’s surface. We ourselves are a beautiful reflection of this, as we too are mostly comprised of water. At birth, our body is 90 per cent water and remains at about 70 per cent during adulthood, and drops to about 50 per cent in the final stages of life. The knowledge water holds is the key to understanding ourselves and the universe, believes Dr Masaru Emoto, a renowed water researcher from Japan. Dr Emoto has dedicated more than 25 years to studying the mysteries of water and is author of the best-selling books,Messages from WaterandTheHidden Messages in Water. Interviewing Dr Emoto from his home in Japan, I was able to gain insights into his research and experiences with, what he says is, the elixir of life. The power of water is infinite – it cleanses, hydrates and animates the earth and all its living creatures.

Without it, the luscious earth shrivels and we perish within days. For most, the notion that water is essential to life and good health is not new, however, if we look beyond the purely physical benefits of drinking water, we stand to discover a renewed perspective of life. It is the messages in water that Dr Emoto is passionate about sharing with the world, and the message is: water holds the ability to heal ourselves and the world, which seems to find itself in chaos at the moment.

Early in his career, Dr Emoto practiced alternative medicine and used a machine called a Magnetic Resonance Analyzer (MRA), to create HADO water (or subtle vibrations) for treatment of disease. He explained that at that time in Japan, homeopathic medicine was forbidden due to the alcohol content in the tinctures. However, he used the MRA to imprint information in water that would cancel the symptoms of his unwell clients. He found that the micro-clustered water molecules held information very well and reports to have counselled over 10,000 people seeking better health with HADO water.

By positively affecting water, we stand to restore the harmony in ourselves and the world
~ Dr Masaru Emoto