Worldwide Wellness

Writer Karen Fong | February 26, 2015

The world is your oyster, so why limit yourself when it comes to finding a retreat that rejuvenates the soul and the senses? From Europe to Asia the many options out there cater to those looking for a cleanse – body or mind, or something more spiritual. Sample indigenous treatments from cultures around the world or discover the healing properties of silence. Whatever you’re looking for, there’s something out there for everyone.


Located on the mountainside part of the Sierra Helada Natural park, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, SHA Wellness Clinic is famous as one of Europe’s top wellness destinations. Its location is as much a destination as the state-of-the-art facility, the climate is mild all year around, and it has been recognised by the World Health Organisation as having one of the world’s best climates, a good environment to escape to improve your health. SHA is well-known for fusing nutrition and natural therapies (known as the SHA Method), Healthy-Ageing and non-invasive Aesthetic Medicine. The SHA Method combines modern macrobiotic nutrition with natural therapies from the SHA Academy for a personalised educational programme to balance body, mind and spirit. The idea is to foster the power to cure oneself and combines treatments, including acupuncture, shiatsu, tai chi, moxibustion and reiki amongst others. Stays are recommended for a minimum of seven days to best rebalance the soul.



Luxuriate in the Maldives while balancing body and mind through Ayurvedic practices at the Four Seasons Landaa Giraavaru, where two Ayurvedic physicians and expert therapists oversee the treatments and longer immersions. Besides the traditional one-off treatments, such as Shirodhara and Elakkizhi, guests can take part in seven- to 21-day Ayurvedic immersions that take them on their own tailored transformational path to wellness. This is accompanied by dosha-specific selections in all the restaurants. Guests can also sample the three Siddha tantric rituals designed for men, women and couples while at the resort. These 90-minute rituals include a tantric massage, herbal steam and bath and are designed to nurture and awaken the body. The spa also offers a Chakra Blessing ritual where the body’s seven main chakras are cleansed and balanced in order to improve the flow of emotional and spiritual energy. Using products made by ila, these treatments range from two to three hours to completely rejuvenate the being.