Nikorn Banjerdlert

Writer Véronique Lo | February 26, 2015

Nikorn Banjerdlert isn’t your typical guru. 

He doesn’t have that solemn air of a stern teacher – while he can be perfectly serious, he never shies away from showing his wild side.

“I don’t really follow a motto,” says Banjerdlert. “I follow my heart, my feelings, my joy, my fun and excitement!”

And his heart has taken him to many places over the years, including joining the monkhood twice, running a famous restaurant, numerous TV interviews and serving high-profile clients such as Princess Stéphanie of Monaco and Leonardo DiCaprio. One of the turning points of his life, however, has to be 20 years ago when he first joined the Banyan Tree Spa – though not as a therapist.

“I started off cleaning the spa changing rooms and toilets,” he recalls. “But during the following four and a half years, I tried six different positions.” It was also when he met his wife of 17 years, Dorinda Rose Berry. “Dorinda was my boss at the time, and she believed in me more than myself. She was the one who set up the first five Banyan Tree Spas. She was also my spa teacher and reiki master.” Since then, he’s been a visiting practitioner at some of the most beautiful locations in the world, such as Conrad Maldives Rangali Island, Amanpuri, Trisara and variouis Six Senses Spas, Anantara and Mandara Spas.

Today Banjerdlert is a life coach, a reiki master, a bestselling author, a keen advocate of the law of attraction and a proud father of four, but his life wasn’t always such smooth sailing. “During my early 20s…I was a party animal. I partied 29 nights a month, [had] three packs of cigarettes each day and hard stuff like ecstasy and cocaine. I nearly died at a full moon party,” he confesses wryly. “I tried to commit suicide three times, but thank god I failed! It was the best ‘failure’ in my life.”

Happiness is the best kind of success. It is from within and not from the outside
~ Nikorn Banjerdlert