Reduce, Reuse and Revamp

Writer Gloria Fung | July 8, 2013

An 18th century historic manor turned trendy abode, the Design & Wine Hotel is an oasis for art lovers. In the heart of Caminha, Portugal, the hotel’s remodelled architecture and interior are designed with its natural surroundings in mind. Amidst mountains and rivers are the manor and a newly built, five-suite guesthouse that run on solar power. The centrepiece of the property is the guesthouse, an 18-ton structure that rotates 35 degrees, giving guests an ever-changing angle of the outdoors. Each of the 28 sleekly designed rooms in the revamped manor is accented with a custom mix of pop art and bold graphics, offering a different experience with each stay. All rooms are fitted with energy-conserving automatic lighting systems, and the hotel follows a strict recycling policy.