Good Morning Rituals

Writer Andre Cooray | January 11, 2013

It’s 8:40am, it’s the fourth time you’ve hit the snooze button. Finally, you jump out of bed in a panic, skip breakfast, grab a coffee and rush to the office. You may look composed on the outside but inside you are a tightly wound mess. Many of us start the day on autopilot mode, not realising how bad it is for us. The right morning routine, however, has the power to transform your entire day. It just takes switching to a few good habits and making time for things that are important to you.

Here are five morning rituals that will enrich your life in more ways than one. So get ready to rise and shine.


What is the first thing that runs through your head when you wake up? Is it about work or chores or the day’s commitments? If so, it’s time to clear this ‘to do’ default mindset. “Instead of ritual Starbucks coffee, news and stress, we can carve out a ritual daily pool of serenity for ourselves, and in just a few moments, help centre, ground and stabilise ourselves,” says Kimberly Call, a wellness expert and Fortune 500 executive consultant.

In her book, Morning Rituals – How We Awaken, Call suggests taking a few moments to pause and manage your own consciousness. Find a quiet place, and sit on a chair or the floor. Then, set your gaze at something peaceful indoors or some greenery outdoors or close your eyes. “[Next] imagine, visualise and feel: I am joy, I am well-being,” she says. Relax and take a deep breath as you do this.

Scientific studies have proven that meditation triggers electrical activity of the brain that can ease stress and promote better health. “Literally, if we train our thoughts, emotions and outlook to be more positive and life-affirming, our neurological functions improve, our immunity is strengthened, our blood chemistry is healthier and our intelligence is heightened,” says Call.

Instead of ritual Starbucks coffee, news and stress, we can carve out a ritual daily pool of serenity four ourselves
~ Kimberly Call