Phil Davies

Writer Véronique Lo | July 14, 2015

While technological advances have greatly improved the quality of life, they haven’t stopped new and old forms of health issues – whether they’re physical or emotional – from spreading in society. To Vibrational Attunement and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT, an emotional, needle-free version of acupuncture) practitioner Phil Davies, many of these issues share the same root.

“Most problems have a common cause and that is the inability or not knowing how to love oneself,” he says. “Self-love and forgiveness are such incredible self-healing tools and yet there are so many people that have difficulty in doing so…Happiness is 99 per cent internal and one per cent external. The greater the love and the better the relationship with yourself, the easier it is to experience joy and be in a place of gratitude for all that we experience.”

He continues, “To me wellness is about being consciously aware, aware of what we put into and [how we] treat our bodies and the effect that has on our physical being; aware of the emotions that we are experiencing and how the way we deal with them affect our relationships with ourselves and others; aware of our thoughts and inner dialogue and how they affect everything that we perceive; aware of how everything we say, think or do has an effect on everything at some level.”

From salesman to IT manager, Davies had been it all. “But meditation, energy healing and energy work have been a fascination and passion since my teen years,” says the healer, who, having undergone “an extensive yet unorthodox type of training”, decided to dedicate himself completely to the pursuit of his passion 14 years ago.

“My understanding of energy, energy movement, healing and distance healing came from my own inner work, intuition and what is most easily explained as a knowing, external from my own faculties.”

Through Vibrational Attunement, which is a form of energy therapy that facilitates change and speeds up the healing process, he helps his clients to “realign themselves with love and truth”. As we’re already energy, we vibrate at a certain frequency that dictates whether we’re in a state of full health or not. “It works on many levels, be it physical, emotional, mental or spiritual…to me it’s very much a state of being that I move into that facilitates often incredible change in the lives and well-being of others,” he says.

No two sessions with Davies are the same – apart from the guided meditation at the beginning, which “helps the client relax and shift their level of consciousness”. Different people can have very different experiences once they have entered altered states of consciousness; some recall having an almost out-of-body experience, while some find “aspects of themselves come to them and offer incredible guidance and insights”, and yet others fall into a deep sleep-like state only to return feeling refreshed and invigorated.

With a desire to help more people and to “provide a safe and secure place where people could experience many levels of healing or pursue spiritual development”, Davies founded The Sanctuary Hong Kong three years ago in Hong Kong’s bustling heart of Central.

Here, aside from his own healing work, a range of services are on the menu, including Counselling, Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching, Arvigo Maya Abdominal Therapy, Pregnancy and Post Natal Massage, Baby Massage, Energy Healing as well as Meditation and Yoga. And for those in need, free services, such as group counselling, weekly healing and a group that helps women with fertility issues, are offered.

“The most special moments are the ones where people once again remember their true magnificence, where their heart is open and they experience their true self…To see someone who has trudged into The Sanctuary under the weight of their pain…and then skip out seemingly without a care and go on to create a whole new life for themselves, I just do not have the vocabulary to describe the feeling I get from this,” he expresses. 

Perhaps it is this indescribable joy that inspires him to continue to “strive to be the best that I can be in all areas of life”, and ultimately, “to assist The Sanctuary to grow so that myself and our team can touch as many lives as possible”.


Happiness is 99 per cent internal and one per cent external. The greater the love and the better the relationship with yourself, the easier it is to experience joy and be in a place of gratitude for all that we experience
~ Phil Davies