Farida Irani, Subtle Energies

Writer Véronique Lo | August 13, 2015

“From a young age I always had the desire to work in a field that would be holistic and beneficial to others. I wanted to do something that could complement conventional medicine,” says Farida Irani, a pioneer of Ayurveda Aromatherapy and Founder of Australian brand Subtle Energies.

Now known widely for its holistic therapeutic benefits, Ayurveda Aromatherapy was not heard of just two decades ago. In fact, it was only during her trips to India that Irani, who was already a clinical aromatherapist and had studied Ayurveda, discovered several rare essential oils, which at the time were not documented in Western aromatherapy. “Ayurvaidyas (those who practise Ayurveda) mainly use herbal oil decoctions, which are very therapeutic, but made via a different process to essential oils and the art of blending in aromatherapy,” she says, noting the gaps she saw back then. “The ancient time-tested principles, philosophy and techniques of Ayurveda, together with the finesse and expertise of aromatherapy and its modern techniques is a powerful combination…so I decided to bridge these gaps.”

Growing up, Irani has experienced first-hand the power of spiritual healing and natural therapies, which has ignited in her a life-long passion for the world of “complementary sciences”, as she calls it, “as we complement conventional medicine”. So even though she began her career as an accountant, eventually she chose to respond to her calling and opened her own clinic in Sydney in 1993.

After she had discovered the rare oils from India, Irani conducted extensive research in her clinic, and Ayurveda Aromatherapy, a unique branch of complementary science that blends the best of both disciplines, was born. Today, the practice is a recognised and accredited modality on its own, and her clinic has evolved into an award-winning, family-owned skincare brand that offers a range of oil blends, products and treatments.

We work with integrity and trust, never compromising on quality
~ Farida Irani